Update (August 2021)

As Montreal has now reached the green zone, the church is now for Sunday Mass without maximum capacity or registration (Safety guidelines to be respected). We can't wait to see you!


  • It is mandatory to wear a medical mask only. If you do not have one, we will provide it for you.

  • Upon entering the building: masks, hand sanitizing and physical distancing are mandatory. 

  • At the registration desk, we will ask for your name and phone number. 

  •  Once in the church, you must stay in your pew for the entirety of mass. The Eucharist will be brought to you.​

  • At the end of mass, you must wait until the priest has fully exited before you leave. Those sitting in a pew that is closest to the exit must leave first while those who are further must wait for their turn. 

It is obligatory that you wear your mask at all times in the church, physically distance, and cooperate with all COVID-19’s guidelines for the safety of everyone.