As of November 1st 2020, The church has re-opened for in-person Sunday mass.

Saint-Willibrord Parish is always in need of COVID Safety volunteers, altar servers and lectors. If you are willing to help, contact the rectory.

COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

  • Upon entry into the church: masks, hand sanitizing and physical distancing are mandatory. Please follow signs to navigate inside the church. Note that there will be no reservations. It is first come, first served. The first 25 people will be permitted in the church’s upper floor, the other 25 people will be sent downstairs in the foyer where a projector will be showing a live viewing of the mass. 

  • Before you enter the church, our volunteers will take your contact information. For families or groups, one person must enter their information and write down the number of people they are with. Our volunteers will then guide you to an available pew. You must stay in your pew for the entirety of mass. The Eucharist will be brought to you.

  • We kindly ask you not to converse with anyone outside your family or group in the church.

  • Toilets should only be used if it is urgent. If you are on the upper floor, you must use the toilet at the back of the church. In the foyer, the men’s and women’s toilets will be open. Only one person at a time is permitted to go to each toilet. Unless you are a person in need of assistance or accompanying a child, you may access the toilet as a pair only. Once you are done, disinfect your surroundings with a disinfectant spray.

  • At the end of mass, you must wait until the priest has fully exited before you leave. Those sitting in a pew that is closest to the exit must leave first while those who are further must wait for their turn. 

It is obligatory that you wear your mask at all times in the church, physically distance, and cooperate with all COVID-19’s guidelines for the safety of everyone.

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