Gathering 9: The 7 faces of Jesus: the ‘I AM’ sayings”

Zoom Recording


        Here are some questions to discuss as a family:

  1. People who many ideas on who Jesus is. Who do you think Jesus is? What is his role in your life?

  2. Do you believe Jesus is the way, truth and life? Some people are looking for what way to go in life. What does it mean to say that Jesus is the way? How can we offer hope to people who are looking for the way?


Activity Ideas


  • Read the following passages to your children from your bible or a children’s bible if possible: John 6.35, 9.5, 10.7-14, 11.25, 14.6, 15.1-5.

  • Mind Mapping the “I am” statements :

  1. In the center of the page, write one of the “I am” statement.
  2. Take a few minutes to write down related ideas, images, words, thought that are related.

  3. As you brainstorm ideas, images, and thoughts, write supporting details on the lines that connect to the “I am” statement.

  4. Share your mind map to your family