Founded in the spring of 1913 by Father Patrick McDonald. Saint Willibrord Parish began by serving the English-Catholic community of Verdun. Since then, our mission has always been to grow our understanding and love for Christ, to nurture diversities and to be at service to our brothers and sisters. Today, the parish welcomes Catholics from all around Montreal and elsewhere to celebrate the Lord.

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Founder and First Pastor
Father Patrick McDonald

George Thoms.jpg

Father George Thoms

Martin P Reid.jpg

Father Martin P. Reid

Joseph Cameron.jpg

Father Joseph Cameron

Fredeick Elliot.jpg

Father Frederick Elliott

Stephen Otvos.jpg

Father Stephen Otvos

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Canon J. J. Stanford

Gregorio Nunez.jpg

Father Gregory Nuñez


Father William Byrd

Father Robert Assaly



Once an Anglican priest, Father Robert Assaly is Montreal's first and only married Roman Catholic Latin-rite priest. Click on this article by the Diocese of Montreal and Global News to learn more about Saint Willibrord's pastor.

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